Giza Datasets

Creating a more accessible and effective use of blockchain data in ML applications
🌐 Giza Datasets SDK is a robust library designed to streamline the integration and exploration of blockchain data for Machine Learning (ML) applications, particularly in the realms of Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML) and blockchain analysis.
Effortlessly access a rich array of blockchain datasets with a single line of code, and prepare your dataset for use in sophisticated ML models. Built on a foundation that supports efficient handling of large-scale data, our SDK ensures optimal performance with minimal memory overhead, enabling seamless processing of extensive blockchain datasets. Additionally, our SDK is deeply integrated with the Giza Datasets Hub, offering a straightforward platform for both accessing a diverse range of datasets enriching the ML and blockchain community's resources.
Join us in advancing the frontier of blockchain-based ML solutions with the Giza Datasets SDK, where innovation meets practicality.

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