Welcome to the Giza Datasets SDK tutorials! These beginner-friendly guides will take you through the basics of utilizing the Giza Datasets SDK. You'll learn to load and prepare blockchain datasets for training with your preferred machine learning framework. These tutorials cover loading various dataset configurations and splits, exploring your dataset's contents, preprocessing, and sharing datasets with the community.
Basic knowledge of Python and familiarity with a machine learning framework like PyTorch or TensorFlow is assumed. If you're already comfortable with these, you might want to jump into the quickstart for a glimpse of what Giza Datasets SDK offers.
Remember, these tutorials focus on fundamental skills for using the Giza Datasets SDK . There's a wealth of other functionalities and applications to explore beyond these guides. For more in-depth learning, consider checking out additional resources we offer.
If you have questions about Giza Datasets SDK, our Discord is a great place to ask and interact with other users.
Ready to begin? Let's dive in! 🚀