Individual Vault Deposits


This dataset provides the individual token deposits made to the Yearn v2 Vaults. Only the pools in Ethereum L1 are taken into account and the vaults feature can be used as an unique identifier for the individual vaults. The dataset contains all the deposit data from vault's inception. The value feature contains the token amount that has been correctly divided by the decimal power of 10, to avoid overflows.


  • evt_block_time - datetime of the deposit execution

  • evt_block_number - block number of the deposit execution

  • vaults - contract address of the Yearn Vault

  • token_contract_address - contract address of the underlying token

  • token_symbol - symbol of the underlying token

  • token_decimals - decimals of the underlying token

  • value - deposit value in tokens (value is already decimalized using token_decimals)

Potential Use Cases

  • vault APR elasticity analysis

Use example

from datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('yearn-individual-deposits')

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