Daily Trade Volume


This dataset provides the daily trade volume per pool for all PancakeSwap protocols . Data from all the networks and versions are taken into account, from 26.09.2023 until 26.03.2024. Individual rows are omitted if there were no trades executed in a given day above the threshold of 1 USD.


  • day - date

  • token_pair - symbols of the token pairs

  • project_contract_address - contract address of the DEX

  • version - PancakeSwap protocol version

  • blockchain - network of the DEX contract

  • daily_volume_usd - daily trade volume in USD

The dataset uses day ,project_contract_address as the primary keys.

Potential Use Cases

  • pool specific trade volume prediction

  • automated LP strategies

Use example

from giza_datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('pancakeswap-daily-volume')

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