Individual Reactions


This dataset provides the individual reactions in the Farcaster Social Protocol that are sent between 01.01.2024 and 04.01.2024. fid is the unique identifier in the Farcaster protocol and can be used to connect users with their reactions. reaction_type is a categorical variable, with 1 meaning the person liked the target cast, while 2 means that the user reshared the cast within his/her audience.


  • id - id of the reaction

  • fid - fid of the reactor

  • created_at - timestamp of the reaction

  • target_fid - fid of the target cast

  • reaction_type - type of reaction, see the description

Potential Use Cases

  • Social Graph Analysis

  • Sentiment Analysis

Use example

from giza_datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('farcaster-reactions')

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