Compound V2 Interest Rates


This dataset contains interest rates of all the markets on Compound V2 (ethereum mainnet) since the protocol's inception. The interest rates are for both supplying and borrowing. Additionally, users of this dataset can analyze the total supplied and borrowed amounts in each market.

Collection method

The data was collected from the Compound V2 subgraph created by The Graph Protocol ( The queries were sent with a block parameter, corresponding to the current block at midnight of each day within the dataset's timespan.


  • symbol - symbol of the receipt token (e.g. cETH)

  • totalBorrows - total amount of underlying tokens borrowed from the market

  • borrowRate - interest rate paid by the borrowers

  • totalSupply - total amount of receipt tokens issued by the market

  • supplyRate - interest rate paid by the suppliers

  • underlyingPriceUSD - USD value of the underlying token of a given market

  • exchangeRate - the exchange rate of receipt tokens (i.e cETH/ETH)

  • timestamp - unix timestamp of the snapshot

  • block_number - ethereum mainnet block number of the snapshot

  • totalSupplyUnderlying - total amount of underlying tokens supplied to the market

  • totalSupplyUSD - total USD value of the supplied tokens

  • totalBorrowUSD - total USD value of the tokens borrowed from the market

Potential Use Cases

  • Interest rate prediction

Use example

from giza_datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('compound-daily-interest-rates')

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