Daily Pool Liquidity

TODO : AVG rather than SUM


This dataset provides the average daily available liquidity per token for the Balancer v1 & v2 Liquidity Pools. Data from all the networks are taken into account and the pool_id feature can be used as a unique identifier for the individual pools. The dataset contains all the pool data from inception until 26.01.2024, and individual rows are omitted if there were no trades executed in a given day.


  • day - date

  • pool_id - pool id of the balancer pool

  • blockchain - blockchain network of the given pool

  • pool_symbol - symbols of the token pairs (for weighted pools, its possible to have more than 2 tokens exchanged in a pool)

  • token_symbol - symbol of the token with the given liquidity (for every day, each pool has one row per token)

  • pool_liquidity - daily average amount of available tokens in the given pool

  • pool_liquidity_usd - daily average amount of available tokens in the given pool, converted to USD values using average daily token-USD price of the given day

The dataset uses day ,pool_id and token_symbol as the primary keys.

Potential Use Cases

  • pool specific borrow & lending prediction

  • borrow rate elasticity analysis

Use example

from giza_datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('balancer-daily-pool-liquidity')

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