Daily Exchange Rates & Indexes v3


This dataset provides the average borrowing rates (variable & stable), supply rate, and liquidity indexes of Aave v2 Lending Pools. Only the pools in Ethereum L1 are considered, and the contract_address feature can be used as a unique identifier for the individual pools. The dataset contains all the pool data from 25.01.2023 to 25.01.2024, and individual rows are omitted if there were borrows executed on the pool.


  • day - date

  • symbol - token symbols of the lending pool

  • contract_address - contract address of the lending pool

  • avg_stableBorrowRate - daily average of the stable borrow rate for a given token

  • avg_variableBorrowRate - daily average of the variable borrow rate for a given token

  • avg_supplyRate - daily average supply rate for the given pool

  • avg_liquidityIndex - interest cumulated by the reserve during the time interval since the last updated timestamp

  • avg_variableBorrowIndex - variable borrow index of the aave pool

The dataset uses day and contract_address as the primary key.

Potential Use Cases

  • supply rate prediction / analysis

  • borrow rate elasticity analysis

Use example

from giza_datasets import DatasetsLoader

# Usage example:
loader = DatasetsLoader()
df = loader.load('aave-daily-rates-indexes')

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